Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Super Power: Jet lag

I'm currently doing two things in life, trying to connect with my oldest in a more meaningful way (she hates "how was school?") and trying to get my toddlers from two to one nap. So, somehow this all turns into me asking my daughter and then myself the question, 'what is your super power?' and I've been thinking about it for days. I had no good answer for her.

After much thought and trying to channel my inner 5 year old, I decided that getting over jet lag is my current super power. The last 4 trips, back and forth, twice to the US from Beijing, I've had no jet lag.

How in the world is this possible you ask?

Because I am so sleep deprived nursing twins for the last 1 year plus that it doesn't even affect me. So this got me thinking....I just need to treat going from two to one nap like the kids have jet lag. For me this seems more manageable. This also might mean for a week your kid goes to bed at 5pm and it awake at 4am.

So how do I handle jet lag with children?

1. Realize this too will pass, it won't go on forever. (best used at 2am, 4am, 4pm)
2. Try to push bedtime/naptime little by little, so you can finally get to a "normal."
3. Keep busy to try to ward off the lazy, sleepy feeling of boredom.
4. Take time, Rome wasn't built in a day.
5. Realize that for a few days or weeks life isn't going to be scheduled and learn to be OK with it.
6. Most important, sleep when your kids sleep. Or do your darn best to try!

So for now I'm going to enjoy my super power.


  1. Wow you deal with jet lag really well I completely crumble into a beautiful mess

  2. I guess that IS a real super power - functioning on lack of sleep! I had that when my kids were littler - despite their fussing in the night I would have to wake and go to work for a full day.

    Mothers are awesome people.