Friday, January 29, 2016

Weird Things You Do When You Go Home

I think all of us get a bit giddy going into a Western grocery store when we make our trips back to the Western world. I'm assuming I'm not alone?? I think three trips in a row my first stop has been Whole Foods after getting off the plans and getting a night's sleep.

Well I made a quick trip to Giant Eagle for some snacks and such for the kids and couldn't help myself when I saw these "2015 flavors" from Lay's. First, I love potato chips, second, I felt like I'd been missing out. 

We had a little tasting party at the house to try these flavors. Truffle fries won the contest hands down. We did like the gyro flavor too much and biscuits and gravy while OK didn't excite us.


  1. I feel you, even though I have not crossed over yet. As it is, I'm already making a list of my must-buy foods/ ready cook sauces/ toiletries to bring over. I'm already missing them while I'm still here, so I am probably only feeling a fraction of what you feel. Hope you packed a lot more back this trip.

  2. The suitcase is always packed with the most random of items. And I've learned over the years. This winter I came back with turkey pepperoni for homemade pizza, jam, almond butter and cashew butter, shoes for the kids, clothes for the kids to name a few things.

  3. oh and chocolate. Don't forget the power of a nice piece of chocolate when you are having a bad day that didn't cost $10 a bar, or you can't get your favorite kind at all.

    1. To think I was hopeful on amazoning or iherb shopping them online to Beijing!

      Looks like I have to cart my own lot of kit kat & Hershey and Hawaiian hosts! Thanks for the alert!