Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sunrise in the States

I took this pictures with my cell phone, sitting in my car in the grocery store parking lot early one morning our first day back in the States. So beautiful.


  1. It is indeed beautiful.

    I raise my head to look at the sky here daily as well.

  2. @chrysalis, I can't find your sandstorm question, but to answer it. We don't have that many strong winds with sand/dirt but when we do the simple air masks we wear for bad pollution work...or just don't go outside. It isn't a common occurrence, I can only think of a few in the years I've been here.

    1. Few is good! Thanks for answering it.

      I was thinking of eye protection. In early pugilists days (LOL), the travelers would wear wide brim hats with net curtains. I was actually searching Taobao for such hats only to realise they no longer exist, hence promoting the sandstorm question. LOL.