Friday, November 20, 2015

What's wrong with this picture?

Hubby sent me this picture the other day. "What's wrong with this picture," he says. I'm thinking that he's driving on the wrong side of the road. Nope. This car is parked, in the street, just like that, no driver.

I wish I could say this is unusual, honestly it is the norm. I'm amazed how many cars double park, obviously this schmuck got left looking stupid as all the cars parked in the parking spots left.


  1. Isn't it illegal to park in the middle of nowhere? Are cars very cheap there, hence the fella anyhow park?

  2. I like to think of a lot of the law in China as pretend laws, they are only laws if people enforce them. Yes it is illegal to park in the middle of the street, on a sidewalk but unless someone actually gives them a ticket or tows their car (never seen a tow truck) then they will do it. And I'm sure you can find some Chinese made car cheap but in general cars are not cheap they are considered a luxury and taxed but really what is expensive is getting a license plate. It is a lottery or you have to bribe/pay someone for the plate.

    1. Wow. So cars are very hard to get commodities. It sounds like what we have here in Singapore. We need to bid for a certificate of entitlement. I think then it's easier to stick to the motorised vehicles in Beijing?

    2. Expats rent cars from companies or use taxi/subway/walking depending on their situation.