Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Insanity that is Beijing Traffic

I've been wanting to write a good blog post about Beijing traffic for a while. It really is one of those things you can't really understand unless you've been stuck in the middle of an intersection in traffic trying to go 500 feet for 20 minutes.

In my last blog post about parking (What's Wrong With This Picture?) you got to see some of the fun parking jobs in the city. Now, I want to share a blog post I read a while ago that really made me laugh and shows the amazing truth behind driving in Beijing, "the traffic light."

Thanks to Henry B for this funny post: Beijing Traffic: Left Turn

Via Flickr don34685


  1. Hahaha! His post is an amazing one on traffic in Beijing. This is a little similar to Bangkok, Thailand where there is massive jams. Quite a nightmare even if you're taking cab.

    What's the best way to get around then?

  2. I think you don't really appreciate the humor unless you've been either a driver and/or pedestrian in Beijing. The Left Turn explained by Henry B back in 2007 sadly still applies today. After returning to US from my 2 years in Beijing, my muscle memory is still traumatized by this chaos as gracious yielding drivers in US are puzzled at my reluctance at the cross walk.