Friday, November 13, 2015

The Battle of Winter Smog is Real

Winter has started early in Beijing. Last week we had a dusting of snow (hardly ever snows here) and while it was gone within 24hrs it has stayed unseasonably cold.

Winter = smog because of all the coal and wood burning by China's utilities but also by the poor Chinese. We've been in a few weeks of bad smog, but nothing like poor Shenyang who is currently seeing values around 1400, 50x higher than the WHO suggests and in Beijing we're sitting 10x over the recommended value. I've barely left the house with the babies in 3 weeks.

Here is a picture on our return from vacation in October, that's SMOG not fog and it is only around 200.

Here is an article about the smog in Shenyang: BBC News Article on ShenYang Smog


  1. Smog ? We experienced the same over here in Singapore, thanks to the Sumatran Haze. About 2 over months of 200-500 PSI .. I hope the smog clears up for you soon. Being cooped at home with filters running is no fun, we had the same here thanks to our forest-burning Indon neighbours.

    1. I had many friends take golden week holiday in October to Singapore that were not happy campers, I guess it was especially bad this year? Sounds horrible, I'm not sure which is worse? Beijing constant with nice days or two months straight?

    2. I think it would be two months straight I guess. Since 60 days of smog will still work out to be 305 days of clear air :-/

      It's something I'll have to expect to get used to... I suppose. I'm spending more time staring at the skies these days.