Thursday, November 12, 2015

Taobao find: Dusting Slippers

Here I am on Taobao the other day and these funny dusting slippers come up as a suggested buy. I take a screen shot so I can post and laugh about the silly Chinese later on and lo and behold, what shows up on Facebook today??? 

Groupon selling almost identical ones. and over 10k bought. America, hold me. 

What are you people thinking???? Feel free to check them out and if anyone buys a pair, let me know if they actually work! Maybe I can put the kids to work if they have child sizes. That isn't against the law for child labor right?


  1. hahahaha. We have this here over in Singapore as well. but not the feet version. We have it as a hand glove so we can use it to clean electrical items such as tv that picks up static dusts.

    Is Groupon available in Beijing? I love groupon!

    1. Not familiar with Groupon here. :(

      I'm sure there is some Chinese equivalent but not expat friendly.