Thursday, November 12, 2015

Life Changes, FAST!

As with living anywhere in the world, life changes, nothing stays the same. I feel like most expats handle change better than the average population segment. So, what better for our family than expanding while abroad, right?

We don't do anything easy.

We have welcomed not one but two children into our family since we arrived in Beijing. Momma has had her hands full going from one child to three in two minutes, literally one minute I have two kids, a minute later I have three. More on my review of BJU (Beijing United Family Hospital) later, maybe once I've left Beijing.

So, while I take pictures and come up with so many ideas for this blog, I just never seem to find 10 minutes to sit down and

I swear Beijing is still just as crazy and China is still a rollercoaster ride. I promise I'll try my best to keep you all entertained and informed.


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing updates on your daily life too! Handling three children, esp in Beijing is not easy! There would be lots of tips to learn! I'm crossing over in March.

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