Saturday, November 28, 2015

Epic Beijing Traffic Jam: The Bottleneck

City planners in Beijing don't seem to get the concept of the "bottleneck." Personally, I learned about this concept in business school for project management, finding what in a process is slowing things down, or causing delay, essentially limiting production. They don't seem to get that here, lots of lots of bottlenecks are what make Beijing traffic known for being bad.

Here is a video that was taken over golden week, which is a major holiday in China, in October, second largest holiday behind Chinese New Year. This is what happens when everyone tries to drive back into town and gets hit at the toll booth.

What made me laugh the most about this video isn't the video itself but the fact that from up high it actually looks much more organized than it is in real life. Traffic rules do not apply, each man or himself.


  1. I dread having to face Golden Week in Beijing. What do you do during the golden week since things are so chaotic & people are everywhere? Will you still be able to get out?

    I was originally thinking ok during golden week I'll take the subway and go see the city. Then I see photos of masses everywhere.. Then I think ok I'll fly out.. Then I see photos of hoards in the airport. I guess train to HK is not better too... HKer must hate golden week as well.

    1. Traffic is actually really light during the holidays, it is coming back traffic that is bad, just stay inside on the last day of the holiday and you will be fine. It is like this on the weekends going in and out of Beijing, just not as bad.