Friday, November 13, 2015

Beijing is For the Dogs

Another nice weekend we went to Peter's Tex Mex which is in the Lido area, close to Rosedale Hotel and Lido Hotel. It was so nice we were able to sit outside. Chinese lady came in with her two dogs who then proceeded to sit down next to us. Thankful none of the kids are scared of dogs. Waiters and staff didn't bat an eye, as if this is totally normal?

I love dogs but not dogs and dog hair while I'm eating my food. The waiter even brought the dogs water in bowls. Maybe this is more popular in big cities? I've seen a lot of crazy things with dogs in this city. Ironic as other parts of China eat dog and you can find it on the menu in some restaurants in town.

Here is the approximate location of Peter's Tex Mex. Decent American food with lots of choices. Stay away from the dessert if you like sweets, while they look good they don't taste that good. My 2 cents.

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