Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Apps to Download: Wechat

If you are moving to Beijing or newly arrived one of the first apps you will want to download once you have your translation apps working is wechat. This is a Tencent product. Tencent is China's largest and most used Internet Service Portal according to the website.

Wechat is like What'sApp, Facebook meets Instagram, Chinese style since Facebook and Instragram are banned here.

My favorite feature is the group chat. Here in Beijing, I have group chats with friends, social groups, school groups, and more. I also use it to post about the kids and funny things I see here.

One cool feature that I haven't used on WeChat is their PC version, so you can text message and post via your laptop or PC.


  1. Oh this is really useful!

    Whatsapp also works in Beijing when I was there for a recce trip in August! Instagram worked intermittently but Facebook was a zero since I had no VPN.

    1. While I use WhatsApp to communicate with some people, wechat has become the must have app in China. I doubt the Chinese are using WhatsApp compared to the amount of users using WeChat. LinkedIn works, no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, blogs for the most part are all banned.

    2. would we still be able to use Facebook with VPN? I cannot imagine not having Facebook.

      I have wechat too, but I just don't know how to use it beyond sending messages like Whatsapp.

    3. Assuming you have a working vpn, yes you can access any website as if you were in the location you are vpning into.

      Wechat has a lot of options including paying for things, transferring money to people, posting on your "wall" similar to FB, and chatting in groups. It is just much more widely used here.