Monday, July 13, 2015

New to My Beijing Expat Life?

I'd love to hear from some of my followers to find out what kind of topics, or questions you may have about living in China.

Anyone have a questions or topics I haven't covered?

I'm happy to answer! Post your question/comment below please!


  1. Hi Shanna. Great blog! My husband and I will be moving to Beijing in January and I'm about to go next week for a house hunting trip. We recently lived in Singapore for three years so aren't new to expat life but I love the way you write about everyday life and include great photos. You really capture the expat experience. My biggest concern is meeting people since we're empty nesters and I'll be working from home. We'll probably live closer to the city than Shunyi and I know you're in a different stage of life but I thought I'd ask if you have any suggestions.

    1. Hi Risa, I'm happy to answer any questions I can. Feel free to post questions or your email address and I'll do what I can to help and don't worry about meeting people, there are plenty of opportunities if you want to make friends.

    2. Hey I'm in Singapore but crossing over in March!

  2. Hi!

    I'll like to find out about shopping online (other than Taobao) in Beijing. Things like buying stuff from iherb and Amazon - is it possible?

    Shopping also in terms of second hand good? Expat flea sales?

    Furniture shopping in China?

    What's it like to have Internet access or slow access in Cn. Is blogging, face booking a challenge even with VPN on mobile?

    Pet keeping in Beijing. Cats/ dogs - even little pets. Are they horribly diseased?

    Getting around - I heard there's unique electric vehicles without licenses that people can own and move around in - it's unique to Beijing? Other countries don't have that with special lanes and all.

    Eating out - esp living in Shunyi.

    How to weather 4 seasons in Beijing, esp for those coming from the equator. And how to let pets weather the 4 seasons for the first time :)

    What are exciting places to explore. Must see in the city.

    How to look out for cultural events or fun stuff in the city.

    For language challenged people, where are good places to look for English sites and English speaking people :)

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for so many great topic suggestions Chrysalis!

    2. Most welcome, Shanna! I like reading your updates although they are far and few between. I always come back to see if there's new stuff :)

    3. Working on that for your right now. I swear there's a good reason! ;)

    4. It's not easy, I know. Is internet horribly slow?

    5. The internet here has been incredibly sketchy since summer, but right now things seem to be pretty stable.