Sunday, March 29, 2015

Chipotle Wannabe

One of the first placed I always miss upon my return to Beijing is ChipotleAvocado Tree is an OK replacement but just doesn't do it for me and the portion sizes are pretty small.
If you haven't eaten Chipotle or don't like it, I feel sad for you.

Mexican food in Beijing is generally a sad affair. It is no where close to authentic, and pathetic compared to American Mexican food. So I was excited when I heard about a place like Chipotle that isn't

In comes Hffousa Taco, which is located at Indigo Mall (18 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China) for anyone local. We found the menu via Sherpa delivery and sent the driver with an order after confirming someone at the restaurant spoke and read English. It's a lot of work trying a new place via take out!!

Little did I know how much Hffousa Taco was trying to be just like Chipotle. Sadly it wasn't anywhere near as good. Too spicy with the pico de gallo for my kiddo. Check out these pictures, look familiar?

I'll stick with Avocado Tree for now, or the new place out in Shunyi, El Gran Bocado.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finally Opened the Last Box, 2+ Years Later

I just now opened the very last piece of home that had been unopened from our container shipment and even moved within Beijing.

A highchair. I've been busy, birthing babies in Beijing, but more on that later.

I should have known better to leave a package unopened because guess what? I got a surprise!

The movers had added some stuff into the packaging and I ended up finding lots of random odds and ends, a boppy (I'd just spent money to buy one secondhand), extension cords, baby toys (hubby had just bought more on a business trip), and crib sheets to name a few in addition to the highchair. Gotta love it!