Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Packing to go back to China, the randomness!

I was lucky enough to come back to Beijing this summer flying business class, and thanks to my Delta status that meant kiddo and I both got 3 bags, each 70lbs.  This called for extra random packing of things most would find funny. I thought I would post some of the things I chose to bring back.

  • no sugar added jam
  • roasted almond
  • packets of oatmeal
  • herbs/seasonings
  • dance shoes for kiddo
  • clothes for kiddo for winter, next spring/summer
  • OTC medications
  • yeast
  • trash bags
  • chia seeds
  • canned chicken
  • underwear
  • dog leash
  • cat collar
  • Apple cables
  • shavers
  • lotion
  • car seat
The reason for bringing things can vary.  You can have stuff you can't find like the no sugar added jam, or a certain type of herb. A lot of the stuff is just very expensive over here like good quality trash bags, canned chicken, quality clothes, or even chia seeds (about $50.00/lb). Others, you just can't find the right brand or a good quality/size like yeast, underwear, Apple cables.

Luckily this year I didn't need to bring much food back, as I have plenty from coming over in previous years. I focused more on getting through the year and the things I needed that had broken or I was missing.

Note: I don't really know what the Chinese government allows to be brought into the country. I know the obvious like raw meats, agriculture stuff like fresh fruits/vegetables. I'm willing to take my chances and I don't think bringing dried almonds or canned chicken is dangerous or bothering anyone although I may be close to the line. I've heard of people using dry ice and packing meats, cheeses and such, which I would most definitely not recommend. I'd assume if caught, you would be in BIG trouble for those kinds of things.

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  1. You can try shopping off or

    Thank you for blogging... your blog gives me a glimpse into life in Beijing, as I will be expatriating there with my husband soon too.