Monday, April 7, 2014

Great Firewall of China: VPN

Part of normal life for an expat in China, at least in my world, is having a VPN that allows us to get around the "great firewall of China" which means major bans on major websites.  No Facebook, Twitter, CNN some days, blogs, and other random and various sites.

Lately, since China's last large government meetings, our internet has been even slower, and our VPNs are having problems working correctly, or even staying connected.  I've heard of VPN websites getting blocked, but this is at a whole other level.  I don't know if it is from the local terrorism a month ago, the govt meetings, MH370 going down, or what but DAMN is it getting OLD.  To write this post for you guys, it took about 5 minute for the webpage to load via VPN (lucky I could get on one) and if I even try to upload a picture for you, I should just quit now.  It is worse than dial-up, I swear.

I think expats who are used to FREE SPEECH should have a "get out of jail card" while living here.  Just give us are darn internet as we expect and stop trying to mess with our ability to read and see what we want to see on the internet.  If only it were that easy.

Remember ladies and gentleman, communism isn't freedom, or even free speech.  Be thankful for the rights you have in your own country.


  1. This is what I dread most. I'm realizing how much I use the internet on a daily basis. Facebook on my phone, blogs, email, google searches for random things. Good luck!

  2. Shanna, many blogging platforms, including Blogger, have a cool feature that lets you post a blog article via email. This can save you the 5+ minutes to load the website when you're ready to share some Beijing insights with us :)

    Check this link:

    Thanks again for posting.