Monday, February 24, 2014

Matte Cars in China

One popular cosmetic feature for cars, in China, is a matte paint job.  The first time I saw it I thought someone had forgotten or didn't have time to finish the paint job on their car. It seemed odd though because it was quite an expensive car.  I've now seen these dull looking cars all over and they are usually black/grey and quite boring looking. I guess if you are trying to stick out or be different this might be for you.  To me the car just looks dirty and unfinished.  

Here are a couple examples I've seen around town.

Fancy BMW

VW on the go


  1. I wouldn't do that my truck (I drive a pickup, Toyota Tundra), but I do think this paint job makes the car standout from all the rest. And for some folks, that's exactly what they're trying to do. So while i don't like it, i do understand it :)

    On the topic of cars, have you noticed that pickup trucks are not allowed as privately owned vehicles? In about a dozen visits to Beijing i've only seen 2 trucks, even my Chinese colleagues in Beijing wouldn't believe me until i showed them the pics i took as proof :)

  2. Andy, it is funny you bring up the private ownership of pickup trucks. I've seen quite a few tricked out F-150s up in ShunYi, they are definitely privately owned. Now you have me curious how they get around it. You don't see them that often so of course I can tell you where the people live and everything. :)

  3. If you run across any F-150s i'd love to see a pic. In many biz trips to Beijing i've seen only two pickups and i took pictures to prove it to my colleagues who didn't believe it :)
    One of the trucks belonged to the police, though it had no markings, i think they were just using it as a utility vehicle.

  4. Soooo not a fan of the matte paintjobs. But I keep seeing more of them!

  5. I am sooo not a fan of the matte paintjobs!! But I keep seeing more of them...