Thursday, February 27, 2014

Car Brands in China

One thing I've enjoyed in Beijing is seeing all the different car brands on the road. I've been to Europe and other countries around the world so I have seen car brands that aren't available in the US, but China takes it to a whole other extreme.

My favorites are the brands who have a logo so similar to other well known brands around the world they should be sued for trademark infringement.  Regardless whether they are domestic or foreign there are a lot of choices.

Here are some different ones I've seen and don't know.  Sorry the pictures aren't great quality. Most were taken while moving in a car with dirty air or car windows, or even both. I promise I wasn't driving!

Feel free to comment below if you know the brand.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Matte Cars in China

One popular cosmetic feature for cars, in China, is a matte paint job.  The first time I saw it I thought someone had forgotten or didn't have time to finish the paint job on their car. It seemed odd though because it was quite an expensive car.  I've now seen these dull looking cars all over and they are usually black/grey and quite boring looking. I guess if you are trying to stick out or be different this might be for you.  To me the car just looks dirty and unfinished.  

Here are a couple examples I've seen around town.

Fancy BMW

VW on the go

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beijing in Pictures

From the international hospital, I guess it is OK to smoke
next to the toilet, or in front of the toilet, just not in it?

The "hotel market" including mini toiletries
and linens with chain hotel logos

Chinese style table including turntable in the middle and decorations.

Chinese drinking game with shots, wish I would read it!

Russian restaurants serve omelette style eggs
with a Caesar salad, or only in China?

Beautiful Silver Pagodas just North of Beijing.
It was beautiful and a beautiful day.

A kitchen in a hutong house in S. Beijing.
Notice the gas line running out from under the cooktop?