Monday, December 23, 2013

Hired Help in Beijing (Driver)

This is part of my two part series on Hired Help in Beijing.  You can check out the first part in the series here: Hired Help in Beijing (Ayi).


Most expats that are not living in downtown Beijing have a driver. Others in town, have a driver or even share a driver with another family.  Other options of transportation are taxi, subway/train or bus.  None of these options appeal to us and I don't like to take a taxi unless I have no other option because taxi drivers speak no English and I don't like the safety risk of a child in a taxi without a car seat going up to 100km/hr.

Our driver takes my husband to work and occasionally takes me into the city when needed.  We have our driver's licenses so while we don't NEED a driver, Beijing traffic is dangerous and drivers are crazy, getting around is difficult, China has a 0 alcohol policy, parking is IMPOSSIBLE inside Beijing, and my husband gets extra work time on his commute.

Most drivers work 5-6 days a week, and while some do stay with the working spouse at work, others work primarily for the trailing spouse so he or she can run errands, and other various things.

Hired Help In Beijing

I sense an expectation of the "rich" expats helping the locals and supporting the community by hiring these low wage workers.  This may not be true, but I have heard that this is the case, that it is expected that you "give back" by hiring Chinese.  While this doesn't affect my decision to hire locals, I can see some people being swayed by this pressure.

Luckily, the drivers and ayis are able to make a living wage, it may not be first world standards, but on average with wages increases these workers are making as much as some college graduates in entry level positions with companies working 60-70hrs a week.  Now don't get me started on what this says something about how little companies pay college graduates starting out, that is a whole other post.

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  1. Hi Shanna,

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