Friday, November 1, 2013

Would you Divorce Your Spouse to Save Money?

Imagine deciding to get a divorce to save money on selling your home.  This is just what some couples in China are doing to get around a new property tax rule.  I'm thinking this is tax evasion, especially since the couples are staying together, but hell what do I know.

To read the whole article, check it out HERE.


  1. Government genius at it's finest--guess it's everywhere and not just in the US. I've heard of small business owners here pondering divorce so that the Obamacare rules don't bankrupt them!

  2. People get divorces in the US already to get medical coverage, so unfortunatly the story doesn't surprise me. (Also ironic that "Obamacare" could fix this need for divorce when its the source of your other comments divorce....)

  3. Ironic since we had the opposite situation.