Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pictures from Beijing

I take a lot of funny pictures and some just to show the life of Beijing.  Here are a few I've taken over the past few months.

sheep in Shunyi
Sheep crossing a 5 lane highway near by home.

small truck
Delivery driver, like UPS but MUCH smaller version truck

Lane sign, see the bus lane (right), with a right turn to the left,
this might cause a slight problem when
turning right with a bus going straight.

I thought this was mint chocolate chip, boy was I wrong.
Try mint with red beans.

Fish, or amphibian? As seen at the flower market

One of many car accidents I've seen.
If only they followed the rules and signs, I'd see less.


  1. You better start liking red beans as dessert:)

  2. Kelly, that is NOT going to happen. They aren't even sweet!!

  3. love that i recognise the locations of several of your pics! i have seen that same herd of sheep on MULTIPLE occasions. not so fun to go past on my scooter when i can *smell* them, but at the same time it's all part of the experience! i remember years ago when i lived closer to town and sheep would graze by the side of a nearby canal - so weird in the middle of a big city!

    also, i wonder if the icecream was green tea and red bean? i can't see mint or tea written on the tub from this photo, but many friends of mine have accidentally bought tea-flavoured toothpaste when trying to find mint... i'm not a big fan of red bean, but there are a few dishes in which i enjoy it, mostly zhimaqiu (sesame balls).

  4. :) We must live pretty close to each other!

    You might be right on the green tea, I just guessed based on the leave picture on the jar but I guess it could be a tea leaf!