Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Beijing!

Happy Halloween!
Our Halloween is winding down, but I wanted to say Happy Halloween to all my friends and family in the US and tell you about Halloween Beijing style.

We had trick or treat in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood is about 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 expat I would guess. I'd say 10% of the neighborhood homes participated by handing out candy, not sure how many kids participated.

Halloween is definitely a Western tradition and holiday.  Not much happened at school, the kids were not invited to wear their costumes and there was no Halloween party.  I'm not sure how many European countries celebrate Halloween, but England and Australia seem to celebrate.

Trick or treat itself was pretty normal, the funny part was the candy.  Check out the picture.  What looks different??


Halloween candy, Beijing style!
Parents despair, I can't tell you how disappointing it was to not find ANY chocolate besides 2 Hershey Kisses, and the tiniest bag of M&Ms in the world, in kiddo's candy bucket. The majority of the candy is chewy like gummy worms or suckers.  Made me sad just looking at it!!

Fun was had by all, minus the fact that we had to wear our air masks to keep everyone safe. Quite the look with Halloween costume and air mask.


  1. I'm Australian and have lived in China 10 years - but the only Halloweens I have celebrated were during the two years my family lived in the US. There's so much American TV in Australia that Australian kids these days are aware of Halloween, and some want to try trick-or-treating, but most Australians seem annoyed by this development, if my FB feed is anything to go by. Anything that does happen is certainly NOTHING like the Halloween celebrations I experienced in Connecticut! While living there I really enjoyed being part of this very American holiday, but it doesn't hold any childhood memories for me. There's a lot more Halloween happening in the Shunyi housing complexes now than ever before, but it's really only big in River Garden and Yosemite. But Jenny's started selling Halloween candy a few years ago and now they sell pumpkins for carving, too - and even offer to carve them for you! It's truly a different Beijing...

  2. Halloween definitely must be gaining popularity in Australia and England.