Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Walking Your Dog Across the Crosswalk

The other day I would have loved to had some Google Glasses or something similar that could take a picture as I'm seeing things.  I was too slow for a real picture.

Driving along the street, I see people standing at a crosswalk.  Normal right?  Then all of the sudden a woman with a border collie type dog, drops down, lifts her dog's front paw, so she has a hold of both his front legs, he is standing on his hind legs, and proceeds to "walk" him across the street.

Kinda of like, only much funnier as the dog was hopping along quickly with her walking him.

Photo thanks to Wonderlane via Flickr.com

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival)

We are getting ready to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this week.  All Chinese festivals are based on the lunar calendar.  The 15th day of the 8th month is called Mid-Autumn.

For most expats I think Mid-Autumn Festival is lovely called Mooncake Festival because of the tradition of eating and giving mooncakes during the festival.

Mooncakes are a round pastry, about 3" in diameter with an inside filling, traditional of red bean paste, and/or a salted duck yolk but more recently they are made with many different yummy, and sweeter fillings.  They are difficult and labor intensive to make so most everyone buys them in the stores.  They typically sell for a moderate priced box of 4-6, for $40, they aren't cheap.

Out in the expat community I've seen Starbucks and Mrs. Fields getting into the festival with their own take of mooncakes, coffee flavor and cookie filled, respectively.  Pretty funny.

Here is a box that we were given for the holiday with 6 and an individually wrapped mooncake.

One of the French style pastry shops in Beijing is offering a fruit jelly filled mooncake, those are what I am most excited to try this year.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!