Thursday, August 29, 2013

McDonald's in China

Never fear my McDonald's loving friends they have plenty of McDonald's in China. I'm guessing most of the 2,000 locations by the end of 2013 are located in the major cities, but you can find your Big Mac and french fries if that's what you desire. They even deliver within the city, 24 hours a day on bicycles.

bicycle McDonald's delivery in Beijing
Artistic blur shot I did for a photography class
McDonald's delivery by bike
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the hamburger meat in McDonald's in China so I stick with chicken McNuggets, french fries and hot chocolate sundaes.  

I also think it is really odd that they sell Coke Zero instead of Diet Coke in the stores. I don't like the sweetener used here so I don't drink local pop.

black and white burger at mcDonald's
One thing about McDonald's around the world is they are always having niche market foods.  This is one the latest advertisements around Beijing.  I think this looks disgusting, but obviously they aren't marketing to me, so I'm not a good judge. 15RMB is about $2.50, so I think they are offering the meal for that price, probably only during their happy hour pricing though, which is during lunch. I can't tell for sure since I can't read it. Anyone know what it says?

pink, and yellow mcdonald's drink
Straight from McDonald's China website
There is also a really interesting looking light brown, pink and yellow drink that I'm too scared to try after asking for a cherry pie at a McDonald's in Northern ShunYi last year and ending up with a red bean pie, super yuck!  I have no idea if it is sweet, coffee, beans? I'm just not adventurous enough!

VIP McDonald's
What I REALLY want to know though, is how to get one of these! I wanna be a McDonald's VIP. What do you think I'd get???

  • doubt it is a discount
  • free pop with purchase?
  • they know your order by heart?
  • you're just there often?
I'm clueless, but sometime, I'm going to have ask a local.


  1. Hahaha this cracked me up! Those ads...yikes! I'm seriously afraid the pink things floating in the drink are kidney beans. Let me know if you get up the nerve to try it.

    1. Beans was my first thought!!! YUCK! :) It really is amazing the differences we have in taste though. Even cake here tastes so bland to me and they love green tea is everything!

  2. Do they have a McD's in the forbidden city yet? it is crazy what random foods franchises sell around the world... By the way you got me googling and I found this (but nothing about the drink)

    1. I don't remember seeing a McDonald's in the Forbidden City, I have seen Starbucks in some pretty interesting locations. A place in Chengdu had one in this really old cultural street, so random!

  3. So word on the street (via a friend that reads Chinese) is that the drink is sweet and actually a bubble tea. I will definitely have to try it out and report back!

  4. You move to China, which has some of the nicest culinary delights in the world to eat, yet you stuff your face with McDo shit ? Words fail me, really they do ! Typical Yank thing I suppose :o/

  5. Anonymous, it must just be you then because the few times I've been into the local McDonald's it is filled with expats from all walks of life. I'm pretty sure wanting something like back home occasionally, even if it isn't the same doesn't make me stupid. I don't eat there even once a month, let alone every day like you seem to think.

    I also enjoying seeing McDonald's from around the world, and the differences. Again, I must be the only person in the world, and American as you point out to want to see new things.