Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pictures From Beijing

I thought I'd post some pictures from Beijing this week since everyone likes photos.

First we'll pay a little game of "What Is This Fruit?"



These are some pictures of the fruit and veggie market I go to to get my fresh produce in our neighborhood.  We can buy almost everything we need here for about half what it would cost in the expat grocery stores.


And he offers some meat, fish and tofu. Not sure I trust this food though, I don't think it was plugged in, just some ice inside the cooler and I've seen the true meat markets where this meat probably came, in  not air-conditioned halls with the meat lying out all day long.  I think Chinese people get food poisoning more often than they admit. Otherwise us Westerners are just wusses. 

And the super clean knife and washrag for cutting your meat. See all the water and soap??? 

And the old fashioned scale for weighing everything.

A little impromptu gambling at 10:30 in the morning for these construction workers not working. You can see their trucks, they were playing with cards and small bills.

This guy, his job is to keep the small motor cars, e-bikes, bicyclist and pedestrians from crossing the road when it isn't their turn. Anyone NOT in a car pretty much ignores traffic signals, making already horrible traffic even worse, getting in the way of the cars on the road.  Supposedly they starting giving our tickets to curb the "jaywalking" this week.

Here is one of the tricycles that ride in the bicycle lane and don't normal follow traffic rules. This guy even carries dogs as you can see by the white fluffy dog on the right side of the back seat.

Chaoyang rider

One large tree, ready for delivery. I hope they don't have to go far, I'm not sure the truck can handle the tree.

trees in Beijing

Here is a little democracy at work. The owners within the compound are upset by something the developer of the compound is doing so they made this sign and hung it up in our neighborhood. If anyone reads Chinese I'd love for a true translation, but my understanding is they are calling the development company liars here.

fighting for their rights

I took a photography class last week so here soon I'll have some pictures via my good Nikon, versus all my iPhone pictures to share. I hope you enjoyed! 


  1. The sign says something like "[We] firmly oppose private transactions and corruption" - my assumption is that it is an accusation that the developers are taking bribes, or hiring contractors because of dubious connections rather than being the right people for the job.

    I'm guessing the yellow fruit is a kind of hamigua (melon) and the green are oranges...