Monday, April 15, 2013

AH7N9 in Beijing, China

Photo via, Allie's Dad
Hello everyone, I'm sure some of you have heard, in the news, about the H7N9, otherwise known as bird flu. I wanted to let everyone know that we have found out over the weekend that there is a case of the "bird flu" found here in our area, the first in Beijing, less than 5 minutes from our house.  Good news is at this point it looks like the virus is NOT being transferred person to person.  A person can contract the virus only by being around infected poultry.

They have taken all poultry and eggs off the menu at kiddo's school, and we are also only eating fish, pork, and beef from now until they contain the virus.  We are hopeful that with quarantine and killing off possibly infected birds we should be back to normal soon.

If you are here in China here are the recommendations I've heard:

1. Wash hands a lot, and well.
2. Do not go to the Gu Cheng market area in Shunyi.
3. Do not eat poultry or eggs.
4. Do not keep live chickens or other birds in or around your home. (I'm thinking this seems obvious)

Let's hope this virus doesn't mutate itself and start infecting by human to human contact!


  1. Did you get the cartoon flyer from the Shunyi local government? It was all in Chinese but I translated it on my blog. I was actually surprised at how well written it was - lots of information, nothing weird, and actually more detail than I would have expected. Eating chicken and eggs is fine as long as they are properly cooked, and you wash your hands before and after preparing the meat. So far this strain is far less problematic than the old H5N1 (I think that was its designation) which had a higher mortality rate; the current H7N9 has a 20% fatality rate (in confirmed cases - might be lower as mild cases may not be identified). The only worry at the moment is that the birds don't look so obviously sick so it's harder to identify them.

  2. No I didn't, just something from the community that said not to eat dirt. :)

    I've heard that cooking chicken and eggs makes them safe, I guess I'm just gun shy since the one Beijing case is less than .5 miles from my house. Just want to be as careful as possible, especially with a child with pulmonary issues.