Friday, March 15, 2013

What is This?

Round 2 of "What is This?" and a big thanks to Hannah for figuring out the fruit in What is This? Round 1.

So I cheated and posted these pictures on Facebook to solicit answers.  I also showed them to a couple local expats who told me that the first picture looks like "leftovers" from fish cleaning, so hopefully no one is eating that yuck.  The second picture, the white stuff, is tripe according to a couple people, so I'm going with tripe.  If you aren't lucky enough to know what tripe is, I am thanks to my dog's luck at eating tripe, here is a link to what is TRIPE.  Don't eat and read please!

I found these items at the open seafood market at the Houshayu market in Shunyi District.  They have all kinds of live and dead seafood bought by kilo on site.  They also have a fruit and vegetable market, and a meat market with every part of an animal you could imagine. Chickens, come with all body parts. 

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