Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beijing in Pictures

I'm going to start a weekly blog post with pictures from the week. I try to take lots of pictures and I see some pretty crazy things. Enjoy!

China's push at changing food behavior, and food waste with this ad in China Daily, the English newspaper in China.

Trash Day? I've never seen a garbage truck here.

 Cool view from a bridge over one of the main roads close to downtown Beijing.

A neighbor's front yard, putt putt anyone?

Saw this treat for sale at the quick mart, doesn't that look like a beak?

My Beijing neighbors are really smart sheep that travel by 4 lane highway and follow traffic lights. 

What's your favorite picture or most unbelievable from this week? I'd love to hear your comment below.


  1. The beak totally gives me the heeby-jeebies!

  2. Yeah, we were slightly horrified, and had to come up with a stealth way to get a picture. :)

  3. You never seen a bin truck is because they are only allowed to be on the road at very early hours in the morning. Since beijing is very heavy in traffic, any big trucks are prohibited to enter the 5th ring after certain hours. I meant big trucks like a bin truck.