Monday, January 28, 2013

What To Do In Case of an Emergency in Beijing?


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After my 18 Hours in the ER the other day I got to thinking about what to do if you have a medical emergency while living in Beijing.  I think the scariest thing for me was what would I have done if I had gone unconscious or if there would have been bad traffic, and it took even longer than 40 minutes to get the clinic. Luckily, I had a driver who got me to the ER. You can't just call 9-1-1 like you can in the America.

Here are the emergency codes in Mainland China:

110, for Police
119, for Fire
120, for Ambulance
122, for Traffic Accident
999, for ambulance in Beijing, but it is privately operated.

The emergency numbers here in China would get you a recording, or a person who only speaks Chinese and from talking to expats that have been here longer than me it doesn't sound like the service is reliable or an ambulance, if it showed up within a short period of time, would take you to the international hospital, you'd end up somewhere local.

The short answer, you pretty much have to rely on yourself.

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My Game Plan

So my game plan, in case of emergency, would be to call the 24 emergency number for one of the international clinics and then allow them to direct me to the best plan of action.  

There are the 3 places I saved in my phone:

I plan on visiting both the hospitals I haven't seen to see where they are located, make sure I register because they don't just start taking care of you, you need to fill out paperwork, and then depending on the emergency (God forbid) pick which one I think will handle the situation best.

Do you have a game plan in China, in case of emergency? If so, I'd love to hear it!

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