Monday, January 21, 2013

Testing My Resolve - First trip to the doctors

Exactly 2 weeks in and we made our first trip to the SOS clinic with kiddo.

Since kiddo was small she has had a lot of ear, nose, throat and respiratory issues including 3 bouts with pneumonia over a 2 year period and 4 surgeries.  We've been struggling in the US to keep her healthy and off steroids for her lung issues.

So after last weekend's record setting air pollution numbers (Holy Smog Batman) it only figures that we'd end up with an episode of coughing.  I took her in on Thursday and she sounded "tight" which got us a round of steroids in addition to the daily medication and Albuterol that she was taking. We went back on Saturday and got to add an antibiotic to the mix because of a "wet" sound in her lungs.  Luckily, she seems to be a bit better today (Sunday) so it looks like we are going to skip round 3, which included an x-ray.

It has been a hard week since she started coughing with the guilt of bringing her over here to a place with such bad air.  Even harder, has been trying to keep her calm, especially when she can't really go outside, and we're still without most of our stuff, living in a mostly vacant house.  I had my first real break down on Wednesday with a good cry.  I just hope this becomes a one time thing and not the norm.

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