Saturday, January 26, 2013

18 Hours in the ER

Thursday afternoon my lungs just couldn't handle the cough I'd been dealing with since Monday and I started having a bad asthma attack.  Hubby called our driver (yes we have a driver, but that's a whole other post) who drove to get me kiddo from school and he took me into the international SOS clinic to the ER/urgent care.

I was hyperventilating when I got there, among other things, my memory is fuzzy.  They got me stabilized, did a chest x-ray, EKG, took arterial blood to check my gases, did some other blood work, and added an IV.

Beijing Hospitals

When you think hospital in China, you probably aren't thinking good things, but believe it or not the international hospitals in Beijing, China come with expat doctors, or at least doctors that went to Western medical schools, speak English and generally have better service than a hospital in the U.S. I was seen immediately, and was pretty much the only patient, except for 2 people who came and left in an hour, the entire 18 hours I stayed, with 2 nurses, an attending and a supervising doctor.  Not bad.

After stabilizing me, they wouldn't let me go home because my electrolytes were really low and my heart rate and respiratory rates were too high.  So after multiple breathing treatments and lots of steroids, fluids and potassium I got to spend the night in the ER.  It could have been worse.  The following day they wanted to move me to a full blown hospital for a couple days, but gave me the option to come home on bed rest and just come back for a check up each day, so I took the latter.  I needed sleep and it sure isn't easy to sleep in a hospital, ironic don't you think?

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