Thursday, December 20, 2012

Packing the Suitcases, Moving to China

Kiddo and I are lucky enough to fly over to Beijing from the U.S. on business class.  This means on Delta that we each get to take 2-70 lb pieces of luggage and because I have Medallion status so I get to take an extra 70 lb bag.  So between the two of us we get to get 5 piece of luggage and hubby gets to take 2-50 lb bags.

If I can do my math correct that is 450 lbs worth of luggage.  We don't actually have seven suitcases so we are taking a couple boxes with us.  So far I've filled one box (up to 62" W+H+L) with 50 lbs worth of food stuffs. Think brownie mix, chocolate chips, bread machine yeast, whole wheat lasagna, you know all the important stuff. :)

Most of the stuff I'm taking I either don't think I'll find in Beijing, or it is super expensive.

I think I'm actually going to have trouble filling up the luggage with 450 lbs worth of stuff since we already shipped most of the house via the container and we have the air shipment going out just after Christmas.  What a good problem to have!

Think I'm going go to the store and stock up on some cake mix, more concentrated chicken stock and some cereal.  Would you believe a box of American cereal will run you for almost $10? A mid-sized bottle of Tide will run you $30.

american food in beijing
50 lbs. worth of random foodstuffs

I'd try the Chinese stuff, if only I could read Chinese to figure out what I was trying to buy. It is really amazing how much we rely on branding in our daily life and until you walk into a grocery store without a single brand you recognize do you realize how much your brain relies on visual cues.  I don't think most people actually read things in the grocery store much, they rely on what looks good and is visually attractive, then they read the label second.

What food product could you absolutely not live without? What would you pack?

 I need some ideas on what else to take over!


  1. Chocolate... not sure how prevalent it is there, like I would want M&Ms (peanut and mint!).

    Anything mexican? Like taco seasoning if you like that sort of thing? I bet that would be hard to find...

  2. Peanut Butter! And lots of it. When I lived in Japan, it was extremely difficult to find and when I did find it, it was $10/jar (and that was in the late 1990s!!!!)

  3. They have plenty of American chocolate and ironically it isn't too expensive. I did take a family-size PB M&M though. :)

    I also have taken about 6 large jars of Jif, you can find PB over there but it isn't the good stuff.

  4. Oh and Manday I took lots of taco seasoning!

  5. I hear American baby formula is extraordinarily expensive over there. Fill one of your boxes with 50 lbs of that and turn a big profit! ;)

  6. Jason, that is so true! I'm worried they might consider that "excessive, especially if I can't produce the baby it is for though! Had a friend that took around 300 k cups for his Kureig and he had Chinese TSA people convinced it took 6 of them to make a full cup of coffee so they would let him through with so many...LOL