Monday, December 17, 2012

Moving From the U.S. to China

They packed up our house today. About 75% of my house in now packed and on a 40' container moving from the U.S. to China.  I tried to make it exciting for kiddo by telling her the container got to ride on a semi truck, a train and on a big boat, I'm not sure if she agreed as she cried about her bunk bed leaving.  It is really hard for small children to understand such a big concept as moving overseas and the timing.

Would you believe there are four companies involved in our packing and shipping? Packers who packed and took the container to the railroad, another company involved in getting the container to China, a third who is in charge of it once it gets to China and a forth to boss around the rest of them. Always gotta have the boss.

It took them two days to pack up the house and then about half a day to get it all loaded onto the container and to the railway. They are shipping the container out of Tacoma, Washington thanks to the LA port strike that has Long Beach and LA's ports backlogged   If the move goes as planned it will be going from Tacoma to Xingang, China taking 16 days across the Pacific Ocean.  All in all, it should take 2 months from our house to our new home in Beijing but I'm not counting my blessings until my stuff gets there. Unfortunately, I've heard horror stories of stuff taking 6+ months to show up. A friend told me a story about a shipment getting delayed for 18 months! 

Banned Items:

I had to chuckle at some of the items not allowed in our shipment.
  • golf clubs
  • grand pianos
  • holiday decorations
  • lighters
  • fireworks
  • pornography
  • walkie talkies
  • go karts
I'm pretty sure you can buy of these items in China so I'm not sure why they or all items are not allowed. Any one have any ideas?


  1. No golf clubs? That might have cancelled the trip for me.

    Have fun and keep us updated on your experiences

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